Standard 5 year warranty:

Except for the cleaver, Miller clamp, stripping pliers, fiber holders and other tools;

Except for failure or damage caused by natural disasters and other force majeure;

Electrodes are consumables. On average to be replaced every 3.000 splices;

Battery warranty for one year, when damaged or not possible to charge;

Human factors causing the machine to be exposed to strong shocks, drops and other factors, resulting in damage;

Warranty not valid in case of unauthorized disassembly or repair.


A complete service offering is available for your machine. Contact Seba Service for:

  • maintenance
  • calibration
  • repair

Replacement machines available (free when repair under warranty). 


The Signalfire2 support app is both an intelligent control software for your fiber optical fusion splicer and a work management app. It has an extensive help function in 10 languages.

Download the Signalfire2 app for Android or iOS.

You can also download the AI-9 user manual EN in pdf version.